My Top Favorite Boy Names

We all have our dream names for our babies. Actually, I don’t have a baby yet, but I just have to put records for future references.

These are my top favorites, so far.

Calvin- This name is very SEXY. I always imagine this name along with Harris: CALVIN HARRIS!

Bryle- Hmmm. I don’t know but I also like this name. This is one of my top favorite names.

Jayden/ Jaiden- It sounds like Jaden. I also imagine this name as Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith. Oh! I remembered “The Karate Kid”! It was an awesome movie.

Jace/ Jase/ Jayce- Do you know that I’m a Wattpad addict? Well, I got that name from Wattpad. If you don’t have any idea what’s Wattpad, then ask GOOGLE! 😉

Enzo & Earl- These names are cute too.

Emmett- I don’t know why I like this name. But I think, this name is unique. It’s not common in the Philippines. Do you know what names are common in the PH? Juan, Pedro, Bentong, and etc.!!

Erwan- This name is also sexy. Just like Erwan Heussaff. Though, I’m not sure if the spelling is correct. But I’m quite sure that he’s super sexy. Plus! He knows how to cook. Love it!

Krish- Instead of Kris/ Cris, I prefer this name.

Koby- The one and only, KOBY BRYANT! I also like him and I idolize him a lot. 🙂

Zac- oh! I love this name so much. I imagine a person having this name as cute, sexy, handsome, smart, sexy, sexy and sexy!

How about you? What’s your favorite name?


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