My Experience: SSS Card Not Received

The SSS ID is one of the valid ID’s that we can use if we are transacting to Government or even private companies. For passport applications, you can even use it as a valid ID requirement.

Last December 2014, I applied for SSS ID Card. They said that they will have it delivered to my address. Unfortunately, I never received any feedback about my SSS card.

Two of my friends and I applied together. The two of them got their IDs earlier than I did. I heard that SSS  machines that process the digitized IDs have all broken down at some point and the replacement of the machines have caused the delay.


First Step: Call your SSS Branch: List of Contact Numbers

  • You can call the branch where you applied your UMID.
  • If you’re unlucky, most of the times, the numbers will just keep on ringing.

If you can’t reach the numbers, go to the second step!

Second Step: Visit SSS Official Facebook Page

  • Take note: You can’t send a private message to that page, so you better leave comments. One-two comments are fine.
  • The admin will reply in 15-45 minutes. But note that their office hours will start at 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

You will receive this kind of reply.


Third Step: Email

I was so desperate that time that I sent emails to all their SSS email address. Since, I’m from Visayas, I used these addresses:


  • After sending emails to your preferred area. You will get a reply from Ms. Desuyo.
  • She will give you details/ status of your UMID.

I needed to ask another question to her, saying that “It was mentioned that the card was already delivered on 04-13-2015. However, I did not receive the package. I hope you can help me with this matter “.

I got this reply from her.


Fourth Step: Visit Phil. Postal Corporation

  • You can send a private message to their Facebook account.

BUT AGAIN, you will receive this kind of message.


After calling that number, I was instructed to visit the post office nearest to my address. So yeah! I got my UMID. Thanks to my effort, ofcourse (insert sarcasm).



If you want to replace your UMID or if your card’s been lost or stolen, you can visit this article: SSS ID Replacement

For first timer applicant, you can check the UMID Card Application Form

So yeah! It was not so good experience but fortunately, I received my SSS card now.

Note: “Try and Try and Try”


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