Getting to Bantayan Island

Places in Bantayan Island will be crowded starting from March to May. I don’t really like to go to beaches especially during those months. Luckily, we decided to go there last June 2016, specifically 14th to 17th.

Bantayan Island is a travel destination among locals, domestic and foreign visitors. One of the attractions of this Island is its vast expanse of white sand beaches lined with coconut trees and its amazing pure and blue sea waters.

My boss took us to Bantayan Island but working in our company has two advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantage= My boss will treat us in a good place with good food.
  • Disadvantage= While taking us in a good place with good food, we don’t stop working!

I admit, it’s super tiring but it’s gonna worth our time especially if the place is really GOOD!

So I was really curious and interested to discover Bantayan Island. But before that, I will give you few tips and guides that will bring you to Bantayan Island.

By Bus

From Cebu to (Hagnaya Port) Bantayan Island

You can take a bus at North Bus Terminal in Cebu. Two choices : with air-con and non-aircon. Fare is between P160 to P200 (as of June 14, 2016).

Ceres Bus – From Cebu City – Fares

  • P 200 – Air-con bus direct to Bantayan Island
  • P 160 – Air-con bus to Hagnaya Port
  • P 132 – Non air-con bus to Hagnaya Port

I think, there’s a bus that leaves Cebu City as early as 4:00 AM, with the last trip at around 5:00 PM daily.  If you leave from the terminal at 7:00 AM, you will be at Bantayan Island , around 12:00 PM.

By Taxi

If you are not on a tipid-mode, taxi fare from Cebu-Mactan International Airport to Bantayan Island costs really much at P 2,000 to no more than P 3,000.

Make sure you deal with the taxi driver first (not with a porter) and decide on the fare or  to use the meter machine.

But I still recommend taking a bus, though. LOL

From Hagnaya Port to Santa (Sta.) Fe Port, Bantayan Island

In Hagnaya Port, catch a public ferry to Sta. Fe. The ferry ride is approximately one hour for P170 (as of June 14, 2016). Ferry departs Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe as early as 7:00 AM with the last trip at around 5:00 PM daily.

*Please note that the schedule mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice.

Island Shipping Corporation – Fares

  • Regular Fare – P 170
  • Children 1 to 11 years old – P 85
  • Senior Citizens – P 119.68 *
  • Students – P 144.50

Super Shuttle Ferry – Fares

  • Regular Fare – P 170
  • Children 2 to 12 years old – P 85
  • Senior Citizens – P 136 *
  • Students – P 144.50

The local rate for a bicycle taxi is P 10 per person. This will take you from Santa Fe Port to the Santa Fe Town Center area (Batobalonos Street). But if you are going past Town Center, you may have to pay a little bit extra.

Where to stay in Bantayan island?

Kota Beach Resort 
Contact No: +63-32-4165013 [Cebu City Office] / +63-32-4389042 [Santa Fe]

Bantayan 12.jpg

Budyong Beach Resort
Contact No: +63-32-4385700
Email :

Bantayan 13.jpg

Yooneek Beach Resort
Sugar Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63-32-4389124 / +63917-9993829

Bantayan 15.png

Ogtong Cave Resort by Sta. Fe Beach Club
Contact No: +6332 4389107 / +639287787770

Anika Island Resort
Contact No: +63917-3284898 / +63922-8439517 / +63999-8864465 / +63-32-3188402

St. Bernard Resort
Contact No: +63917-9636162

We stayed at Yooneek Beach Resort and got a VIP suite for 5 persons. Since we were working that time, we didn’t take much pictures. We just enjoyed the view!



We spotted the Camp Sawi stars such as Yassi Pressman, Bela Padilla, Arci Muñoz, and Andi Eigenmann. The people there said that Sam Milby already got back to Manila. So sad!

Arci and Bella wearing pink sleeveless shirts
Yassi and Andi talking to their foreigner friends


Bantayan Island is really worth your time and resources. But make sure to follow my tips below!



  • There are ATM machines in Bantayan town.
  • Best month to visit should be within February to June.
  • Mobile signal for Globe, Talk and Text, Smart, and Sun. But if you’re using Globe for your mobile internet, typically you will have 4G LTE service the entire trip to Bantayan Island.
  • You can easily find food stores (inasal manok, silogan, raw foods like fish, pork, vegetables and many more).
  • You can still wear your swimsuit but when we went to Bantayan, there were few jellyfish. So be careful!


“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”


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