Caluwayan Palm Island Resort & Restaurant

Every Christmas and New year, my family and I would always visit different places in Leyte,  one of our family hobbies.

Last 25th of December 2017, Christmas, we decided to visit / try beaches in Samar in which we found a good place.

A must- visit beach resort in Samar is the Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort in Marabut Samar.

About Caluwayan Beach Resort

It is located in Barangay Caluwayan in Marabut Samar. The resort can be reached by car – 45 minutes drive from Tacloban City, passing through the famous picturesque San Juanico Bridge that connects Leyte and Samar; and the ancient town Basey, which is famous for its unique cave and woven mat (banig). The resort can also be reached directly by boat from Tacloban City wharf.

They also offer possibilities for island hopping, rock climbing, other aqua-sports activities and sightseeing.

Entrance fee is only Php 20.

Infinity Pool

Adult Php 200.00
Child Php 175.00


Kayak Single Php 200.00 per hour
Kayak Double Php 350.00 per hour
Pump Boat Php 400.00 per hour for 4 persons
Paddled Boat Php 150.00 per hour for 2 persons

Beach Cottages

Cottage Php 500.00 per day

Bistro Bar




Other views


Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort
Brgy. Caluwayan, Marabut, Samar
Telephone Number:  +63 977-354-5692/ +63 55 276-5206

How to Get to Caluwayan Beach Resort

In my case, since we used our private car, I asked people from the resort on how to get to Caluwayan via bus.

  1. From Tacloban City, go to the New Tacloban Bus Terminal.
  2. Take a bus or a shuttle (van) to Marabut.
    • Note: The shuttle will leave until all seats have been occupied.
  3. Tell the conductor/ driver to drop you off at Caluwayan Beach Resort.
  4. Get off at Caluwayan Beach Resort. The bus/van will stop right at the entrance as the resort is just along the highway.

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