La Villa Francisco Hotel and Mountain Resort

La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort is located at Brgy. 100 San Roque, Diit, Tacloban City, Leyte.

The resort has a beautiful Swimming Pool for kids and adults, various Cottages, Gazebo, Pool Bar, Villas, Restaurant and Function hall.

What do you need to know?

Opening hours: 7:00AM- 9:00PM daily

Entrance Fee: 350 php / head (as of July 15, 2017)

  • Free use of swimming pool only w/ proper swimming attire. *they are selling swimsuits*
  • Children below 3ft is free of entrance
  • Big Group Discount (Entrance only!)
    10-18 pax (5%)
    19-30 pax (10%)
    31 ABOVE (15%)
  • Can bring food BUT corkage fee may apply.
  • You can buy foods in their resort as they have short orders.
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
  • Free cottages
    • Green umbrella G1- G11
      Deck 1 T1 – T8
      Wood Cottages W1 – W7
      Deck 2 T1 – T6
      Red Umbrellas R1 – R6
      Grounds Green Umbrella G1 – G8
  • Cottages for rental are available

PHP 500

(Mushrooms M1 – M10) & (Green Umbrella GK1 – GK6)

PHP 950

(White Tents B E H J K)15909210_1537893682904688_470440064_o

PHP 1,350

(White Tents A C D F G I)15942697_1537893672904689_494010476_o


Horseback riding – PHP 50kakaotalk_20170106_174025954

Carriage/ Pony – PHP 50kakaotalk_20170106_174033872

Riding for 1 round only within the resort. La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort also has an ATV and they will have zipline soon!

You can sit here all day long.


Light balls!kakaotalk_20170106_174018510

You can see this area before reaching the swimming pool area.kakaotalk_20170106_174016137

Swimming Pool! There are slides for kids and for adults.


You can watch over your kids as cottages are just near the pool.

The side view!


Lights on during night!


This is the best place to hang out with your kumares or friends. You can visit here!

The entrance. FYI, they have parking area for customers only. This place is very peaceful.

*dimmed photo* It’s almost 7:00 PM when I took this photo.



Other views


They also have playhouse.


I also want to share the photos of my super duper adorable niece. We asked her to pose for the camera and check out her photos!



She was looking at the horse. LOLkakaotalk_20170106_181521421

When we visited there, the staff told us that there is another swimming pool under construction. For more information, you can visit their FB website or contact their mobile number – 0917 505 8680 or landline – (053) 530-0865. Click FB website here!

Overall, it was a good experience. Plus, I spent my Christmas holiday with my family. I was hoping that La Villa Francisco had available rooms so that we could just simply check- in and enjoyed the place much longer but anyhow, there are many next times.



One thought on “La Villa Francisco Hotel and Mountain Resort

  1. Entrance is p350 PAX only to swim. The real cost is P1000 PAX for swim, small meal and cottage. This does not even include normal snacks and drinks.


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