Travel Guide to Camotes Island

When you are looking for a short break from the busy city of Cebu or stress from work, school or others, a must- visit place is the Camotes Island where lies a group of islands of Camotes situated at the eastern part of the the province. It is also known as the “Lost Horizon of the South”. Camotes Island is a remote hideaway waiting to be discovered.

It is not difficult to get to Camotes Island especially if you happen to be in Cebu or in Danao, just 2 hours away from mainland Cebu. But if you are coming from Manila or outside Cebu area, you will have to get to Cebu or in Danao Port. You can ride a boat going to Cebu City or via airplane.

How do you get there?

Once you arrived in Cebu City, you will need to go to Danao port as there are many ferries going to Camotes Islands: Poro, Pacijan, or Ponson Islands.

From Cebu City to Danao Port

  • Option 1 : North Bus Terminal
    • The buses will be leaving for Danao City atleast every 15 minutes. You can ride on Ceres Liner or minibuses that travel to Carmen or Sogod.
      • Minibus fare – ₱ 40
      • Ceres Liner and Road Runner fare – ₱ 45
  • Option 2 : From SM Cebu City V-hire terminal   
    • A V-Hire will get you to Danao faster than the bus.
      • V-hire fare – ₱ 50
  • Option 3 : From Whitegold
    • If you are not in a hurry, you can also ride a Jeepney “number 27″ going to Danao.
      • Jeepney fare – ₱ 30
  • Option 4: OceanJet in Pier 1
    • The schedules are at 6:00 AM, 10:00 AM, and 3:00 PM. Return trips from Camotes to Cebu are at 8:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 5:00 PM.
      • Open air – ₱335
      • Tourist class – ₱380
      • Business class – ₱550
  • Option 5 : Taxi 
    • If you are not in a “tipid” mode, you can also ride a taxi.
      • Taxi fare – ₱ 600 to ₱ 1,000 (one-way only).

Usually, it will take you two (2) hours from Cebu City to Danao port.

Via Danao Port

Danao to Camotes Island Ferry Schedule
Departure Origin Port Destination (Camotes) Vessel
05:00 AM Danao Port Poro Port Super Shuttle Ferry
05:30 AM Danao Port Poro Port Pumpboat
05:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo Port Jomalia Shipping
09:30 AM Danao Port Puertobello Safran and Poro MBCA Junmar 3
11:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo Port Jomalia Shipping
12:30 PM Danao Port Nonok, Sunog, and Cawit MBCA Junmar 2
01:00 PM Danao Port Poro Port Super Shuttle Ferry
02:30 PM Danao Port Consuelo Port Jomalia Shipping
03:30 PM Danao Port Puertobello Safran and Poro MBCA Junmar 3
05:30 PM Danao Port Consuelo Port Jomalia Shipping


Camotes Island to Danao Ferry Schedule
Departure Origin Port Destination (Camotes) Vessel
05:30 AM Consuelo Port Danao Port Jomalia Shipping
08:30 AM Consuelo Port Danao Port Jomalia Shipping
09:00 AM Poro Port Danao Port Super Shuttle Ferry
01:30 PM Consuelo Port Danao Port Jomalia Shipping
02:30 PM Consuelo Port Danao Port Jomalia Shipping
05:00 PM Poro Port Danao Port Super Shuttle Ferry
05:00 PM Consuelo Port Danao Port Jomalia Shipping

For OceanJet schedules, you can check details. For more information, call OceanJet at these numbers: (032) 255 7560 | +63 917 638 0000 | +63 922 857 5500, or visit

Boat Ticket Price for Jomalia Shipping:

Economy Aircon
Regular (adult) 180.00 200.00
Student 150.00 170.00
Senior Citizen 145.00 160.00
PNP/AFP/PCG 150.00 170.00
PWD 150.00 170.00
Children 90.00 100.00

Boat Ticket Price for Super Shuttle Ferry is ₱ 200.

Tada! Our adventure started here.


We stayed at Palanas Beach Resort and booked a room for ₱ 1, 500 per night, good for 3 persons. Additional ₱ 250 per person if you want to add more bed.


You can contact Kuya Boy to reserve you a room +639398348125.

Outside Palanas Beach, we saw a multicab driver, we asked him if he could take us for a day trip to tourist places such as Paraiso Cave, Lake Danao, Timubo Cave, Baywalk and Santiago Bay. He said yes and we agreed in the price of ₱ 900 exc. gas. But for Buho Rock, we didn’t have a chance to go there as it was so far and there was a typhoon that time.

Things to do

Here are the list of must- visit places in Camotes:

1. Mangodlong Rock Resort

Since we stayed at Palanas Beach, one of affiliates of Mangodlong, our entrance fee is free. We also had our breakfast, lunch and dinner at Mangodlong. Compare to other restaurants, Mangodlong is more affordable BUT BUT BUT if you want cheaper foods, you can find a store outside Palanas that accepts cooking charge for food. Or you can also find a karenderia store beside this sari-sari store.


Rooftop hangout

2. Paraiso Cave

  • Entrance – ₱ 25
  • Swimming – ₱ 10

In order to reach the cold water of the cave, you will need to take a few steps down. There are light bulbs so it’s safe inside and the stairs were already cemented.


3. Lake Danao

  • Entrance –  ₱ 10 for adults and ₱ 5 for children.

During our stay in Camotes, there was a typhoon named as Auring. Sadly, we only tried few rides.

You can rent a small boat and just paddle around the lake. And if you can’t swim or you just want to wear a life jacket, you can easily approach the watcher or the management’s office.

Costs ₱ 500 but can accommodate a maximum of 15 persons. This boat has chairs and tables to use in case they want to bring some food and drinks while enjoying the view.

They have many affordable activities such as horseback riding, speedboat, pedal boat, paddle boat, water bicycle, water balloon, etc.


Paddle Boat

Good for 2 persons or 4 persons. Since we were five, “kebs rana uiii” LOL. This was the only ride that we tried.

A typhoon can’t stop us because we asked GOD to protect us always.


4. Timubo Cave

Timubo Cave Resort is almost like a hole or entrance of bunker in the ground. It has a deceiving entrance. The opening is just more than enough for humans to enter in. Be sure to watch your head.


5. Baywalk in San Francisco

Located meters away from the Port of San Francisco (the main town of Camotes) is San Fran Baywalk. It was recently changed its name to just “Baywalk”. If you want to buy raw foods or cooked foods, you can buy there at a most affordable price. We didn’t even try to take pictures because the weather is so cold and our clothes were wet.

6. Santiago Bay Resort

The bay has a long strip of white beach with shallow waters. Santiago Bay Garden is one of the most popular and biggest resorts in Camotes.


How to flip your hair at Santiago Bay and Garden Resort? LOL 15967134_1280271332030153_622800477_o

That said, the travel to any of the Camotes Islands is an adventure in itself. We will try other places that we haven’t had a chance to visit.

Transportation Expenses

  • V- Hire  ( going to Danao ) – ₱ 50
  • Terminal Fee ( Danao Port ) – ₱ 5
  • Danao Port to Consuelo Port ( Jomalia Economy ) – ₱ 180
  • Consuelo Port to Palanas Beach ( van service ) – ₱ 20
  • Palanas Beach to Poro – ₱ 160
  • Terminal Fee ( Poro Port ) – ₱ 5
  • Poro Port to Danao Port -₱ 180
  • Palanas Beach to Consuelo Port ( van service ) – ₱ 20
  • Bus ( return to Cebu City ) – ₱ 40

TOTAL: ₱ 660

Other Expenses: Accommodations, Entrance Fees, Foods, Activities & etc.

  • Palanas Beach Resort
    • ₱ 1, 500 ( standard room for 3 ) + got stranded for half day ₱ 500
    • =  ₱ 2, 000 / 5 people
    • ₱ 400 each
  • Multicab Rent ₱ 900 / 5
    • ₱ 180
  • Bottled Water ( 1 liter )
    • ₱ 30
  • Entrance Fees
    • Paraiso Cave= ₱ 25 + Swimming ₱ 10 – ₱ 35
    • Lake Danao – ₱ 15
    • Timubo Cave – ₱ 25
  • Water Activities
    • Paddle – ₱ 50
  • Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch at Mangodlong Beach ( ₱ 137 + ₱ 105 + ₱ 70 )
    • ₱ 312
  • Lunch at Baywalk – ₱ 127
  • Breakfast outside Palanas ( Pansit canton ₱ 20 + bread ₱ 10 ) – ₱ 30
  • Dinner at Poro Port
    • Pork BBQ x 4 – ₱ 40, Rice x 4 – ₱ 40, Isaw x 4 – ₱ 20, Bottled water – ₱ 25
    • ₱ 125
  • Lunch at Jollibee ( Danao port ) – ₱ 89

TOTAL: ₱ 1418



TIPS ni NinYappy:

  • Make sure that you checked the weather before deciding to go to Camotes. Summer is the best time to visit.
  • Local public transportation is habal-habal. Getting from one tourist place to another will cost you at least ₱ 50.
  • There is no ATM on the island, bring extra amount of cash.
  • Cellphone signal is weak on some areas. Don’t try to waste your battery on connecting to your mobile data.
  • Travel with friends to minimize costs.


“It’s better to see something even just once than to hear about it a hundred times.”


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