A Love Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus,


You are our teacher, a healer, a father, a brother, a best friend, our EVERYTHING.


YOU teach us what is good and evil,

But we showed YOU evil things.

YOU heal all our sickness and diseases,

But we didn’t even thank YOU.


YOU are a Father to us,

But we keep on disobeying YOU.

YOU are even a brother to us,

But we choose to ignore YOU.


YOU are our best friend,

But we badmouth YOU.

YOU are our everything,

But we choose to make YOU from everything to NOTHING.

The reality is, we are NOTHING without You, JESUS. But, we are EVERYTHING in You.


You give us comfort, a shield, a strong heart, our PROTECTOR.


When a man tried to stab me, I asked YOU, “Is this how YOU really want me to die?”

Staring at his dark eyes, I felt like he was trying to tell me to say Goodbye.

When I looked at the other side, I saw the light.

The man walked away and did not decide to fight.


My whole body was shaking when I went home,

It’s like getting the worst syndrome.

But when I couldn’t walk, YOU gave me YOUR stick.

To support and comfort me right away, just like a click.


You give us strength and assurance.


Oh Lord, I can do all these things through YOU, who gives me strength.

YOU are my loyal friend that will be right there in just a body length.

And If someday, I will disappear in the earth,

I know that it’s a trillion times a worth.


Because Lord, YOU are my assurance,  my living way and my living GOD.





Happy hearts day. I love you Jesus. FOREVER!


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