Carcar’s famous lechon and Villa Luz Resort in Carcar

After our trekking from Mount Naupa in Naga City, my friends and I decided to proceed our adventure to Carcar’s famous lechon baboy. My excitement was far beyond the excitement I had when I was on the peak of the mountain. Surely, I am a food lover.

Since we did our adventure to Mt. Naupa, from where the habal-habal dropped us off, we started from Sitio Rikio or at Park n’ Go bakeshop. You can take a jeepney going to Carcar market, fare is only Php20.00.

During our travel time, we thought that the lechon baboy would be best to have it at the beach. When we arrived in Carcar, main circle or main road, we asked few people to suggest us where is the best beach in Carcar, as we didn’t want to travel again to far places. The motorcyle driver suggested that they have famous beaches in Carcar, the Villa Luz Resort and the Ramos Private Resort. 

Villa Luz Resort is located at Sitio Bantayan, Tuyom, Carcar, Cebu.

For more information about Ramos Private Resort, you can visit this website:

Ramos Private Resort is owned by the Ramos family. The driver suggested this place first as it is available for everyone but he was not sure if it requires a reservation first. Ramos Private Resort is more expensive compared to Villa Luz Resort. So we chose the latter.

Villa Luz Resort provides no entrance fee and corkage fee.

Cottages: Price ranges from Php200.00 – Php300.00

First of all, we bought lechon baboy for only Php320.00, per kilo. It’s really cheap compared to lechon in Cebu City. We bought rice (puso), softdrinks, junkfoods, water, chili, soy sauce and vinegar. And that completed our lechon baboy.

Carcar’s famous lechon baboy was one of the delicious lechons I’ve tried in my whole life. YOU MUST TRY!

So here were some of the photos taken when we were in Villa Luz Resort.

Cottages = Php200.00


Cottage with attic = Php 300.00


The sunset! You are so wonderful, God.


It was a peaceful day.


You can take a good rest while chilling with your friends and families in Villa Luz Resort. Aside from the cheaper price, this place is so peaceful. You can even bring your girlfriends or boyfriends here. *heart heart*


Jeepney fare from Carcar to Mambaling Cebu is Php48.00. We dropped off in Mambaling Cebu because we wanted to try Melton’s halo-halo. The best halo-halo in Cebu. I will write the reviews and post some photos next time.



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