How to Get to Cuatro Islas in Leyte

Philippines is full of jaw-dropping gorgeous islands. According to buddy Wikipedia, there are 7641 islands in the Philippines. Group island-hopping is something you cannot miss when you’re in Leyte.

Cuatros Islas means “Four Islands”. Cuatros Islas is a group og islands belonging to the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang.

Since I am living in Leyte, I have contacts for pumpboat drivers.


Via boat

Two shipping lines:

1. Roble Shipping Lines

Hilongos, Leyte (DAYTRIP) – Arrival Time in Hilongos – 5:30PM


Hilongos, Leyte (NIGHT TRIP) – Arrival Time in Hilongos – 3:30AM


Ormoc, Leyte – Arrival Time in Ormoc – 3:30AM


For more information, you can contact Roble Shipping lines on these numbers:

Cebu Pier 3- (032) 412-3183 / 401-3971

Cebu Main Office- (032) 416 6256

Ormoc: (053) 255-7613 / 516-2801

Hilongos: (053) 567-8042

Baybay: (053) 563-7487 / (053) 335-3550

Or buy your tickets in Roble Shipping Lines ticketing office at Pier 3, Cebu City or their main office at E.S. Baclig Jr., Pier, 4 Sergio Osmeña Jr Boulevard, Cebu City, 6000. You can also visit their website, click here.

2. Medallion Shipping Lines

Bato, Leyte (NIGHT TRIP)- Arrival Time in Bato- 3:30AM


* Rates are almost the same with Roble Shipping Lines via Hilongos.

For more information, you can contact Medallion Shipping lines on these numbers:

Cebu: (032) 412 1121

Bato: (053) 568-0341 / 0932-151-7908

Or buy your tickets in Medallion Shipping Lines main office at Pier 3, Cebu City. You can also visit their website, click here.

Via plane (Ormoc, Leyte or Tacloban City)

If you’re coming from Manila or Cebu, you can easily take a direct flight to Tacloban Airport (Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport) or Ormoc Airport.

Visit and check schedules in CebuPac, click here.


1. Pump boat fee*
10 pax and below – PHP2,000
11-22 pax – PHP2,500 – PHP3,000
23 pax and up – PHP4,500

Pump boat drivers:

  • Kuya Ricky –  0939-254-9232 / 0935-301-7151
  • Kuya Loloy – 0906-500-4881

*The rates are ONLY good for visiting one island. You can’t go back to the island once you’ve done visiting.

2. Entrance fee: PHP70/person – No hidden fees. You can pay directly at the Port or you can ask the pumpboat driver for assistance.
3. Cottages: PHP350 for open cottages and PHP500 for closed cottages
4. Tent Fee: PHP50 for using your own tent, overnight

*For overnight stay and inclusion of island hopping to all four islands, the pumpboat driver will add PHP500. The rates are subject to change without notice.

What to bring during the trip?

These are my recommendations:

  1. Food and drinks – “THE MOST IMPORTANT REMINDER”. Make sure to bring food and drinks. Do you want to get hungry while hopping the islands? It’s a big no no no. Food and drinks are really important as you will easily get hungry and thirsty. What food and drinks to bring?:
    • Grilling/Barbecuing Pork Meats– you can grill the meats in Digyo Island with no charge.
    • Drinking water– there are limited drinking waters, so it’s a little bit expensive. Make sure to bring your own.
    • Fruits/ desserts – while waiting to arrive from one island to another, it’s more fun having fruits and desserts.
    • Sweet potato (Camote), Boiled banana, peanuts, and etc.
  2. Disposable utensils – I recommend bringing disposable utensils, especially spoon, fork, plate and cups to avoid hassle after eating.
  3. Tents, hammocks and mats– if you love camping and watching the stars at night, I highly recommend these. There are coconut trees in the island, thus, hammock would be ideal, too. Also, you won’t be needing to rent a cottage.
  4. Rash guard & Sunblock – If you want to hop around 9AM, you will surely be needing protection against the sun.
  5. Camera- If you didn’t bring your cameras with you, you’ll surely miss the seascapes and stunning landscapes of Cuatro Islas.
  6. Garbage bags – BE RESPONSIBLE.


The smallest among the four islands of Cuatro Islas.

Too small that you can even walk completely around the islet in less than half an hour. This is the obvious reason why the island is called Digyo, because from the old Cebuano, the word digyot means “little.”

Open cottages are priced at P350 for an overnight use.

There are also closed cottages for P500 if you prefer to sleep inside a cottage.

One of the main attractions of Digyo Island is the beauty of its long white sandbar that glares under the bright sunlight.

My friends and I thought that Digyo island is the most preferred of all the four islands to spend the night with since it has more cottages and more developed than the others. Himokilan and Apid Island are already populated islands, while Mahaba Island, though uninhabited, is undeveloped and doesn’t have toilets. But if you want more adventure, then go camp at Mahaba island.

*Estimated travel time to Digyo: 30-40 minutes


There are people living in the island and most villagers are fisherfolks. So if you want to buy fresh caught fishes, you may approach them and ask where to buy. Souvenirs are also sold here.

Apid Island is the second largest among the Cuatro Islas.



One of the four islands in the Cuatro Islas. The name Mahaba is from the Tagalog word haba meaning “long” after the visitors in the place described it to be. So they called it “Mahaba” because of its flat and elongated shape.

This island is probably the BEST in all of the Cuatro Islas. It’s our favorite island because of its rock formations, crystal clear waters and fine white sand beaches.

The clear and pristine waters in Mahaba Island are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. So better bring your snorkeling gears.

When we went to Mahaba, it was less crowded than Digyo Island during our trip.

So called because it is flat and elongated in shape.



This island looks like a giant shoe floating in the sea.

Himokilan Island is the largest among the four islands. It is also the only island, which is part of the municipality of Hindang. The other 3 islands belong to the municipality of Inopacan.

Just like Apid Island, the island has also residents. I thought that the island is too crowded that’s why I didn’t take photos. We didn’t spend much time in Himokilan, just spent 15-20 minutes as we were planning to go to Canigao Island in Matalom, Leyte for our overnight trip. EXPORE LEYTE!


TIPS by Ninyappy:

  1. If you are planning to stay in Leyte a little bit longer, don’t forget to visit “Hindang Cave“, just few minutes from Inopacan Port. Or visit for more information.
  2. Canigao Island in Matalom, Leyte is a must visit beach, too. You will spend cheaper compared to any other Islands in the Philippines.
  3. Baybayon ni Agalon in Albuera, Leyte
  4. Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc, Leyte
  5. Pagatpat, Super Ball and Kiosko are famous seafood restaurants in Leyte. The foods are definitely delicious with cheaper prices.
  6. Hitoog Cave and Mahayahay Falls- visit
  7. Conception Dam in Hilongos, Leyte
  8. Neguilan Mountain Resort- you can also try trekking going to their mini-falls. Just click here for more information.

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