Spartan Trail: Pamutan- Campo Cuatro

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Finally, we tried the Spartan trail last 14th of April 2018. Pamutan to Campo Cuatro trail was my first Spartan Challenge and I could say that my Limasawa Trail Run really helped me making myself ready. The trail was definitely worth it. It’s a do or die challenge for me. Another achievement unlocked! Thank … More Spartan Trail: Pamutan- Campo Cuatro

An Honest Confession To Christ Unbelievers and Religion Defenders

Dear Christ Unbelievers and Religion Defenders, I know this is a very long letter. This might be the longest letter I’ve made. This will take you some time to read. But all I ever wanted is for you to be open-minded. I write to tell you what I’ve realized before I’ll go to heaven and … More An Honest Confession To Christ Unbelievers and Religion Defenders

Gab Water Park

Gab Water Park is located at Brgy. Malitbogay, Javier, Leyte. Aside from white sand beaches in Leyte, you might want to try swimming pool near a lake. Gab Water Park is worth a try. The place is not yet fully-developed, especially their room accommodations but you can already enjoy their swimming pool, jacuzzi, short orders, and etc. … More Gab Water Park